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My name is Akemi – I am a freelance photographer, Anime otaku, and all around stand up citizen. I have one child(boy – Kazuto) and one beautiful and faithful woman motivating me everyday and I love them both dearly. I have been doing photography on the amateur level since I was a teenager but I didn’t take it to a semi-professional level until recently when I started submitting my shots to The Weather Channel/Weather Underground, Getty Images, and 500px. I primary focus on nature, wildlife, astro-photography, city-scapes, products and photojournalism in general, but I am always looking to try new things such as weddings and portraits, assuming you do not count my statue photography as portraits. My hope is that I will eventually work for a photography company/news organization as an true employee but in the meantime, I have to stick to local photography.

Unlike most cookie-cutter robo photographers, you will find that I am far from one of millions of photographers with no redeeming qualities. You can take great pictures and make your consumers feel comfortable without dressing up for a funeral and having a bland white business card that wouldn’t stand out if you put in a box of 500 other business cards. People like John Legere(T-mobile), Richard Branson(Virgin Group), Steve Huffman(Reddit) and others have shown that you do not need to look, act, or dress professionally in order to get ahead in life. Now, I will not say I am trying to redefine what a “professional photographer” looks like, but lets just say that with the rise of quality camera phones  – photographers need to do something to get people to look at them instead of their phone screen.

I am currently a member of the Professional Photographers of America, National Press Photographers Association, American Society of Media Photographers and Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

So join me and allow me to show you the new era of photographer as I capture your life’s raw moments through a viewfinder.


Otaku Photography, also known as “Akemi Mokoto Photography” is a sole proprietorship based out of Southeast Virginia.